Chandigarh (Vinay kumar)| Turning Dreams into Reality is the tagline M/s Omaxe Ltd. uses to sell its properties around the country. One of its projects is coming up in New Chandigarh. The Company executives and their Real Estate Agents indeed sold the dreams to the gullible public.  However, these dreams are fast turning into nightmares. In the context of the above a meeting of the Omaxe Residents Welfare Association, a legally constituted and elected representative body was held and these issues were discussed. A few members of the Community joined the Managing Committee. Security: “Security provided in the Township is a joke”. Mr. P K Malhotra, President of ORWA observed. There multiple breaches in the wall around the Township. At places, it does not exist at all. Even at the gates, anybody can drive in without being challenged, most of the times. If at all you are stopped by the Guard, all you need to do is give any name and any address within the Township and you will be allowed in. Coming out of course is a breeze, nobody even notices you. There are a couple of entrances from where you can drive in your tractor trolley as the area is “disputed” and the Company cannot stop you. The “Guards” are untrained and have not been provided with any Standard Operating Procedures to be followed in case of emergency. PSARA Act of 2005 is observed only in breach. Fire Safety: There is absolutely no provision for any kind of fire fighting mechanism. There are no fire hydrants, no fire extinguishers, not even buckets of water and sand in any of the lanes of the Township. GMADA and Fire Department have never inspected the Township Mutation of property details: There is no provision for mutation of properties bought by the residents. Many who have tried have been knocking the doors of various authorities without getting a clue from any of them. Company officials do not provide any support at all, even when they have collected charges for mutation from each of the residents. Structural Defects: Numerous properties have serious structural defects like seepages, cracks and blockages. Possession has been imposed upon the residents without providing lifts in four storied structures. Complaints made by residents and ORWA have fallen on deaf ears. Disposal of refuse: Collection of refuse has been outsourced by the Company. However, just behind the area where Park is to come up, a lot of refuse is burnt every night making the area extremely polluted for the residents living nearby. It is suspected that the refuse of the Township is being burnt there instead of taking it to the dumping ground. Punjab Pollution Control Board needs to take notice. Club: The Township is sub divided into various Pockets and Projects. Omaxe Limited had promised and continues to tell in its publicity bashes that seven clubs will be built. However, over the last four years, only one club has been constructed and even this has not become fully operational. Members from all areas are using whatever parts have become operational. The club is hardly being maintained. As a result, wear and tear is immense. Gym equipment is turning dilapidated; swimming pool is full of insects, dead and alive. Tennis court is in pitiable condition. General upkeep: Company charges substantial amount from each residents as Common Area Maintenance Charges. However, the Township has already started looking shabby. The roads are dirty and breaking due to misuse by large Lorries (nobody to stop them), grass grows at various places, and there are shrubs all over the empty spaces sheltering snakes and other deadly members of animal kingdom. Drainage is clogged. As a result, the Township becomes water logged with 15 minutes of rain. The Management of the Company have been giving false promises to the members of ORWA in the past with receding datelines for all defects. However, these promises were never kept. Members of ORWA pledged to intensify their efforts to get the Company to deliver on its promises.


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